Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Charleston paper, Servatius in nasty exchange

Chris Haire, editor of the alternative weekly Charleston City Paper, chronicled Tara Servatius' departure from the city for a new job in Greenville, S.C., as the end of a "dark chapter in Charleston radio history." 

Tara Servatius
And then he got nasty.

"Servatius' show was a tightly run snuff film where reasoned debate was strangled by the DJ, who jumped from one topic to the next, spouting off often-unhinged, World Net Daily-esque rants while engaging in the radio-world equivalent of shaking her fist for three or four hours straight at the contrails in the sky or whatever right-wing bugaboo crawled up her butt that day," Haire wrote on the paper's web site Friday.

Servatius, who wrote for the old Leader weekly and Creative Loafing while in Charlotte, also wrote for a time for the Charleston City Paper at Haire's invitation while working at WTMA-AM (1250) in Charleston. Haire's version is that she departed after recycling material.  

"Servatius and the City Paper parted ways after she submitted a column that was not only nearly identical in parts to a previous column published by Creative Loafing, but contained several factual inaccuracies," Haire wrote.

Not so, replies Servatius. In the acerbic tone known to those in Charlotte who followed her show on WBT-AM (1110), she wrote in on the forum below Haire's story: 

"I quit because you were six months behind in paying me after 'losing' my tax documents twice and you were even more deranged to work for than you are in print. I will miss the unmedicated insanity of the City Paper. Better than the mental ward at the local insane asylum before the ACLU set them all free."