Friday, January 23, 2015

WBTV fills last opening in weather department

WBTV (Channel 3) has filled its last forecasting opening with Leigh Brock, who got a month-long audition by filling in during December and the holidays.  

Leigh Brock
Most recently, Brock was spokeswoman for the American Red Cross in the Carolinas.

Late last year, two of WBTV's four meteorologists departed for other TV jobs: Kelly Franson to Seattle and Ashley Batey to Tampa.

Lyndsay Tapases was hired from the ABC affiliate in Roanoke, Va., for one of the openings and Brock now fills out the department. 

Brock grew up in Hendersonville. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, Brock went to small stations in Clarksburg, W.Va., and Allentown, Pa., before joining WFMY (Channel 2) in Greensboro in 2006.